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What are the social, emotional and financial benefits of a daughter having her father or a positive male role model in her life?   How can a father benefit long-term when he builds a "healthy" bond with his daughter.   Watch Now.

Fathers, what was your first thought when told "It's a girl?"



Performing Arts

Ladies, write down three things you wish your father had talked to you about most.


Ladies, how has having/not having a father in your life impacted you most?

 Can police, prosecutors and citizens work together to focus on education over incarceration?  Veteran prosecutor Debra Postil is proving it's possible through community prosecution, youth programs, intervention and rehabilitation.   Watch Now.

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Relationships are all about sacrifice, right?  How far are you willing to go  to please your soulmate?  Have you loss control of who you are and unable to regain a balance of self and life?  Listen as Tamara Williams brings "clarity" in 7 minutes.   Watch Now.




Daughters Lives Matter

Self Esteem

How is your mental wellness?   Wigs 'N Weaves & The Natural You is an annual pre-holiday (Sat. before Thanksgiving) outreach campaign utilizing the performing arts for mental health awareness and stigma reduction.  Directed by Ms. Cheyenne English.   Learn More.

Fathers, when was the first time you told your daughter "Daddy loves you."