Daughters Lives Matter "Cover Me Daddy" Poetry Winners!  Mari Wallace, Meradith Holcomb and Vincent Brooks.  Outstanding Performances.  Each received Ca$h Prize.   What an awesome day in Troy, AL 4.21.18.

Fathers, what were your first thoughts when told "It's a girl?"

Daughters Lives Matter "Dads & Daughters Day At The Park" on May 19, 2018 in Memphis, TN at  Sea Isle Park.  Become a sponsor,  exhibitor or volunteer to build "healthy" father/daughter relationships in Memphis, TN.  Contact: Deborah Taylor.  Tel: 901-643-9602.

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Fathers, when was the first time you told your daughter "Daddy loves you."

​​DLM Alabama


Fathers and Daughters at "Cover Me Daddy" in Troy,  AL

DLM Memphis

WSFA 12 Alabama Live with Tonya Terry

Ladies, write down three things you wish your father had talked to you about most.

Ladies, how has having/not having a father in your life impacted you most?

Relationships are all about sacrifice, right?  How far are you willing to go  to please your soulmate?  Have you loss control of who you are and unable to regain a balance of self and life?  Listen as Tamara Williams brings "clarity" in 7 minutes.   Watch Now.

Self  Esteem.

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Daughters Lives Matter



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